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Legal gardian

If the 2018 package is complete and usable for a camp this year , you will get a discount of 50€. Please indicate this in the field “Comments”. Single pieces will not be replaced !

As father, mother, guardian, I authorize my child to practice Football within FUSSBALLSTAGEN.LU and declare that he / she holds liability insurance. I accept the rules of procedure of FUSSBALLSTAGEN.LU. I hereby authorize FUSSBALLSTAGEN.LU to post on its website, on and to use in other promotional materials photos and videos taken as part of the club's activity. For organizational reasons, the fee of participation is fixed, regardless of the number of days that the child can participate to the camp. The prices are fixed. The maximum participation is 32 children per camp. We will proceed in chronological order of registrations and payments. Registrations are closed 1 week before the start of the camp. The minimum number of required registrations is 12 children. If this number is not reached, the camp week will be cancelled.

Fussballstagen 2019

Joergang 2005 - 2007


29. Juli - 2. August

Joergang 2008 - 2012

Bous & Erpeldange

8.-12. Abrëll


15.-19. Abrëll


27.-31. Mee


22.-26. Juli


29. Juli - 2. August


26.-30. August

Mamer & Schifflange

2.-6. September